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Stratford, CT – Disability Resources

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Stratford, CT – Disability Resources

Baldwin Center: Stratford’s Senior Center that looks to get individuals involved in social activities in the community. Some activities include playing card groups, dance lessons, aerobic classes, and book clubs.
Phone: (203) 385-4055
Website: http://www.townofstratford.com/content/39832/39846/39937/41201.aspx

Stratford Food Pantries: Please refer to each pantry for specific requirements.
Website: https://www.foodpantries.org/ci/ct-stratford

Stratford Housing Authority: Information on subsidized housing, senior housing, and homeless shelters.
Phone: (203) 375-4483
Website: http://www.stratfordha.org

Stratford Social Services: Stratford Social Services can help connect individuals with counseling as well as Emergency resources and services.
Phone: (203) 385-4095
Website: http://www.townofstratford.com/content/39832/39846/39899/40006.aspx

Stratford Public Health Department: Information regarding emergency preparedness and nursing services.
Phone: (203) 385-4090
Website: http://www.townofstratford.com/health