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At Access Independence we can help you make your voice heard! We will help you advocate for supports and services needed in order for you or a loved one to maximize their independence living within the community.

Peer Support

The peer counselors at Access Independence provide support to people with disabilities by drawing on their own life experience with disability.

Independent Living Skills

Access Independence provides training in instrumental activities of daily living and the skills necessary for integration and full participation in the community for people with disabilities.  This includes activities such as financial planning, arranging transportation, and more.

Information & Referral

Access Independence can assist you in identifying and accessing services and supports, benefits, assistive technology, housing, personal assistance services, and other resources.

Youth Transition

Access Independence works with young adults with disabilities ages 16 to 21 to develop independent living and pre-vocational skills, such as financial management, driver’s test prep, resume development, college search and more.

Emergency Management

Would you be ready in case of a natural disaster?  Many people with disabilities are extra-vulnerable in an emergency, so it is extra-important to be prepared in case of such a disaster, and Access Independence can help you prepare!

Pre-Vocational Services

Access Independence can assist you in learning about working with a disability as well as helping you prepare to return to the workforce!

We are also an Employment Network under Social Security’s Ticket to Work.

Community Advocacy

Access Independence and its members work to effect change in society through advocacy for laws and change that removes barriers to people with disabilities.

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